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Battery Charger

We also design and develop battery chargers for customers in order to meet the specific battery they have ordered. Each of our batteries and battery chargers meet CE, CCC and UL certifications. The input AC voltage ranges from 100-240V, easily matching the AC requirements of most countries.

The charger AC plug options include 2 flat pins, 2 round pins, 2 oblique pins, and 3 flat pins, meeting various customer requirements.

The charger DC plug can be designed according to customer requirements, as well as JST, HRS and Molex standards. Different male and female connectors can be manufactured on the charger, leading to a better connectivity between the charger and battery.

The charge time can also be customized to meet various customer needs. A typical charge time is 3-5 hours, and a faster charging is about 1 hour. Once we have confirmed the battery capacity and voltage, we will then design the right charger for you.

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